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If you commit to nothing, you’ll be distracted by everything – MoreRants

There’s a belief buried deep inside many of us that is self-limiting. It makes us believe that doing more means producing more and conversely, that being still is unproductive and leads to less meaningful results. After all, how can you create results while you’re doing nothing? 

There’s also this widespread idea that you should have three to five large objectives for the year, and each objective should have multiple goals under it. This idea often overwhelms both individuals and organizations and leads to half assed results. With this in mind, I chose just one thing to focus on to improve this year. One key goal that I believe, if achieved, will positively effect all other areas of my life. 

If you commit to nothing, you’ll be distracted by everything. But if you commit to everything you’ll achieve very little. So where does one start? How do you choose that one thing to focus on that will trickle down and impact other important key result areas while remaining confident you’re doing the right thing? The best outcome is that you make the correct decision. The second best is that you make the wrong decision. The worst outcome occurs when you can’t make a decision. 

I looked at what I wanted to achieve in 2015:

– 3x increase in sales

– more meaningful relationships with a smaller group of existing friends and employees

– be able to lead my product team with as much knowledge and confidence as I lead my sales and marketing teams 

– reduce anxiety and increase my general happiness

Then I asked myself, “what is the one and only thing that I can focus on that would impact all of these areas?” 

I soon realized that I needed to destroy something first. I believe that change and improvement comes more quickly when you focus on destroying part of yourself. It’s also always easier to tear down than it is to build up. Destroying something would help me uncover the one thing that was most important to me.

What I uncovered was that remaining connected and busy all the time was negatively impacting the four things on my list. I was embarrassed to admit that my phone was the number one cause of lacklustre results in all areas of life: my health, my sales, my relationships, and my self-worth. I was addicted to being connected and to my phone like a junkie is to heroine. But I couldn’t just say “get focused dummy” and I couldn’t throw my phone away either. 

After careful consideration I realized the quickest way to destroy my inability to focus and become less distracted was right under my nose. It was my yoga practice. 

Reflection time, sleep, and disconnecting was all available from a more consistent practice. 

My 2015 goal is to simply go to two yoga classes a week and do two 20minute home selfpractices a week. That’s it. No other goals, nothing else to hold myself accountable to. I would impact all four areas without directly working on each one, making it much more manageable. 

I’m not suggesting that yoga is the one thing you should focus on, but I am suggesting you narrow your focus. Don’t make this complicated. This could be as simple as playing your guitar everyday for 15 minutes or reading 20 minutes a day or going to bed 30 minutes earlier. 

Choose one goal, that if achieved, leads to the destruction of one thing and results in the important areas of your life naturally improving.



  1. Totally agree that focus so value. In working with startups, the big lesson that I discovered is that less is more. The less I do, the more success I have. It seems counter-intuitive for someone who likes to get stuff done, but it is easier to tactically execute when there is less for everyone to focus on.

  2. Mark Shields Reply

    You really nailed it on this one…we all need to simplify and get off the screens to let the body and brain have a break…I like the only” one goal” idea that effects everything…health and well being are primary…

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