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I double dog dare you – MoreRants

I dare you to not check email for an entire work day, sunrise to sundown, JUST ONE DAY. You won’t believe what happens. I double dog dare you not to check email for an entire weekend.

I dare you to book a weekend away, by yourself, and leave your phone at home. Take a novel, take a colouring book, but don’t take your computer. Does this scare you? Well, if it does maybe you should consider it even more. A weekend away by yourself is a game changer.

Grab your phone right now and permanently delete one person from your address book, Facebook, whatever. You know who this is. A negative person, a girl or a guy you hooked up with 15 years ago, someone you don’t need occupying your limited brain capacity. Just start with one, you can do it.

I dare you to book four afternoons off, one afternoon for each of the following four months. Take your kid out of school and do what ever they want to do, go to a movie alone or with your best friend or have a lazy afternoon on the couch reading with your spouse. It’s just one afternoon a month.

Write down the five things that make you happiest and plan one day for each by placing them in your 2016 calendar. Too much for you to handle, choose one and book it. You love golf, book a lesson. You love cooking, book a Sunday to cook all day, you love music, book a day to sit and listen to music all afternoon.

I dare you to not set a single goal for 2016, NOT ONE. But, instead write down five non negotiables. It’s your stop doing list, not your start doing list. This naturally leads to the results you want.

I dare you to not use a credit card this month, at all. Only cash or direct withdrawal. Who cares about the airline points. For just one month either pay cash or use a debit card. You will be amazed what happens.

I dare you to unsubscribe from everything in your inbox that is useless, including this newsletter if you do not find it valuable. If you do not get value, don’t be afraid to unsubscribe.

I challenge you to take on just one of these. They are all completely doable and can only have positive impacts on your health.



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  1. Corrine Sandler Reply

    Awesome post to kickstart 2016. Can one of your non negotiables be write to your blog every sat. It’s the first thing I read every sat morning!!! No more hiatus !

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