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When Things Get Complicated – MoreRants

When things get complicated go back to why you started, what got you to say yes to the project, what made you fall in love in the first place, what was the motivation for taking the job, why did you commit in the first place? What were the positive emotions that were present when you started?

When things get complicated sit still, stop being busy and let the feelings overwhelm you. That’s the only way you will really understand the feelings. We tend to create distractions that keep us from truly understanding what is complicated versus what you yourself are making complicated.

When things get complicated commit to simplifying things and ask yourself two things; What’s the end result I want and what is within my control?

When things get complicated don’t forget they won’t always be complicated.



  1. Great reminder; complicated is often the route to hard, Disillusionment and failure. When you approach it like you have laid out its a path to problem soloving, growth and value creation. Hit pause, take a step back and reset your mindset to move forward.

    • Craig Morantz Reply

      Thanks Scott for the further insight, I like how you lay out that complication only makes things harder.

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