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A Pattern I’ve Noticed In All Of My Role Models – MoreRants

I examined my most influential role models from both my personal and professional life and I found a number of interesting patterns.

What I noticed in all of my role models is that;

They ever gossip or complain

They are contemplative, they aren’t afraid of space without answers

They see what’s possible and are not discouraged when others don’t

They consistently read and learn, they are lifelong learners

They don’t take themselves too seriously

The are always executing, they understand there are results or excuses

They are generous, give without expectations

They possess a strong authority but remain humble

They consistently catch people doing things right

They take more blame than credit

They are articulate writers and communicators

They are patient

They rest, and encourage rest in others

They uncover the bigger picture beyond the current constraints of a situation

They are resilient and don’t let rejection stop them

I think it’s a worthy effort and I’d be satisfied to be recognized for half of this list.



  1. Jim Greenwood Reply

    Great list Craig. I know a few guys like this. Will send it along.

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