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What Are You Doing This Weekend? – MoreRants

A young man asked his father, “What are you doing this weekend?”

His father responded, “I’m going to exist.”

“Yeah, I know, I get it, but what do you have planned?”

“Nothing,” he responded.

“So you’re going to do nothing?”

“Maybe, but I doubt it.”

“That doesn’t sound fun,” the young man replied.

“Oh, it’s gonna be more than fun,” answered his father. “It’s going to be fantastic! I’m just going to be. There’s nothing more fun than that, you really should try it.”

We live in a world that is continually trying to discover more and more pleasure. We are training ourselves that sensory gratification injected into every sense organ will lead to happiness. But just existing, if you let it, can be incredibly fulfilling and pleasurable.

Instead of just existing, we end up as consumers caught in a shopping mall of instant gratification. The effect psychologically and physically is not only restlessness but also mind and sense organs that are clogged up with sensory overload and the inability to take in anything with clarity. But if we choose to just exist, breathe, eat, move, we can return to a less chaotic pace so our perceptual faculties are less polluted.

Try it, try just existing this weekend.


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